Our work, your future.

Recruiting, Placement & Headhunting

Connecting talent with successful companies.
We know that an efficient recruiting can only be carried out if there is a win-win situation for both the organization and the candidate.
We consider our work is well done if both parties find their best available option in the market. Efficient match is our main goal.
In order to achieve this, we consider three main aspects that are equally important for us: technical skills, culture fit with the company and human and social skills.
Plus, in a fast paced environment with a very dynamic market, we understand the only way of reaching our client’s expectations is to look for our candidates where we can quickly and easily call their attention: social and professional networks.

Headhunting for Startups

There are no second chances for a good first impression.
New ideas. New projects. New challenges. We are passionate about leveraging new business with the best talent we can find in the market.
Each stage of the recruiting process is the one and only opportunity to show the world the values and potential of the rising company, we consider every step is a unique chance to position the company’s brand in the industry.
This is why we offer consulting services for Startups. We help them in the process of finding the best talent, the one that can really feel as passionate, as dedicated and as committed as the founders of the company.

Career and Talent development

We are convinced people are the ones who make the difference between the success or failure in an organization.
Talent is the essential element, the added value a company has. We believe its success is intimately connected with its ability to attract, retain and develop their teams, in the current dynamic business world.
We understand that there are as many strategies to achieve this as many companies exist in the market. Each organization might have a different point of view and management regarding the different initiatives in a Human Resources department: induction processes, trainings, internal communication, policies and processes, job descriptions and organizational charts definition; internal mobility, specific manual of key competences, working mood surveys and performance assessments, retention programs, compensation and benefits scheme, among others.
We thoroughly analyze each company’s specific case, developing a customized plan that allows them to adapt Human Resources structure to their own business needs.