Senior Native English Copywriter


A senior copywriter may be the only writer on a project. In any case, we expected them to take responsibility for the quality of any copywriting deliverable in which they has a hand, ensuring that it meets R/GA standards for creative excellence and client satisfaction.

Senior copywriters should possess the ability to work with clients in different industries and must be able to work comfortably with people from different creative disciplines and with different creative teams. They should also be able to collaborate effectively with producers, account managers, and others outside the immediate creative team (e.g., Digital Studio, production vendors).
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Concept and collaborate with creative team, including other copywriters, interaction designers, art directors, and programmers.
  • Actually write—that is, be able to write compelling and grammatically clean long-form website copy as well as effective headlines, taglines, and calls to action.
  • Be comfortable writing in multiple styles and for multiple formats.
  • Work with account managers and planners to ensure creative concepts, tactics, and copy tone are on brand and strategically sound.
  • Work with producers to ensure copy is delivered on deadline and in accordance with clients’ criteria.
  • Begin to meet with and present work US offices


  • Native English Speakers (this copywriter will work with US offices since clients are Global)
  • Innovative and inspiring creative solutions for interactive channels.
  • Curiosity, and a passion for digital media.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects/tasks.
  • The ability to collaborate, to take constructive criticism, and to seek out and act on peer/client feedback—call this “people skills,” “soft skills,” or what have you—which is essential to good team chemistry and client relations.
  • A strong desire to do brand-building, product-selling, and award-winning work.
  • Marketing sense and an interest in helping to develop campaign platforms that can work across channels.

A minimum of three years’ experience in advertising and/or digital media.
Interested send resume + portfolio + salary pretensions to, indicating in the subject “native english copy”